You all guys know Virat Kohli is one of the finest batsmen in the world at this moment. Here in front of the test series between India & England, we are discussing the skipper Kohli's record in front of India vs England test series.

Virat Kohli VS England in Tests

This article will give you detailed information about every innings played by Kohli against England.

Virat Kohli vs England in Test Cricket

  • Matches: 23
  • Innings: 41
  • Runs: 1742        
  • Average: 39.59            
  • Centuries: 5            
  • Half Centuries: 7         
  • Fours: 198              
  • Sixes: 2             

1ST Test Mach (15/11/2012)

Virat Kohli debuts in test cricket in 2011 but he played his first test against England in 2012. In his first in Narendra Modi Stadium, he scored 19 & 14*. India won that test match against England by 9 wickets.

  • 1st inning: 19
  • 2nd inning: 14*

2ND Test Mach (23/11/2012)

He was selected for 4 match test series against England & it was the 2nd match of the series. But didn't shine with his bat again in this innings. He scored 19 & 7 in both of the innings.
  • 1st inning: 19
  • 2nd inning: 7

3RD Test Mach (05/12/2012)

Kohli scored 6 in the first innings and 20 in the second innings. England won that match & lead 2-1 in the series.
  • 1st inning: 6
  • 2nd inning: 20

4TH Test Mach (13/12/2012)

The last test match was drawn between India and England but Virat Kohli played a knock of 103 of 295 deliveries at Vidarbha Stadium. It was his first century against England & the 9th in his carrier.
  • 1st inning: 103
  • 2nd inning: Didn't bat

5TH Test Match (09/07/2014)

It was Virat Kohli's first England tour & India played a total of 5 test matches there. Virat scored only 9 runs in both innings. It was the most struggle full series for Kohli against England. 
  • 1st inning: 1
  • 2nd inning: 8

6TH Test Match (17/07/2014)

Once again Virat Kohli didn't score many runs and got out on 25 & 0 in both of the innings. In the first inning, he got out by Anderson & the second innings bowled by Plunkett
  • 1st inning: 25
  • 2nd inning: 0

7TH Test Match (17/07/2014)

This time Kohli took a bit of time and scored 76 runs in both innings but still, Jimmy Anderson got out once in the first innings.
  • 1st inning: 39
  • 2nd inning: 28

8TH Test Match (07/08/2014)

This was the 4th test match of the series and India lost that match, England led by 2-1. Virat Kohli got out both innings by Anderson.
  • 1st inning: 0
  • 2nd inning: 7

9TH Test Match (15/08/2014)

In the last test match of the series, Virat Kohli scored 6 in the first innings and 20 in the second innings. England won the match by 244 runs & an innings.
  • 1st inning: 6
  • 2nd inning: 20

10TH Test Match (09/11/2016)

It was the first match between India and England test series in India. This time Virat Kohli was desperate to score runs on the home soil. In the first test, he scored 40 & 49 not out & the match was ended as a draw.
  • 1st inning: 40
  • 2nd inning: 49*

11TH Test Match (16/11/2016)

2nd test in the series & Virat Kohli was in the mood & smashed 167 in the first innings. Then 81 in the second innings. The result ended with the victory for India.
  • 1st inning: 167
  • 2nd inning: 81

12TH Test Match (26/11/2016)

At Punjab Cricket Stadium England won the toss and elected to bat. Then India won the match comfortably by 8 wickets. Where the man himself scored 62 & 6*.
  • 1st inning: 62
  • 2nd inning: 6*

13TH Test Match (08/12/2016)

It was a comfortable win for India in the series and in the match also. Virat Kohli scored 235 runs & it was his first double hundred against England and 3rd in his carrier.
  • 1st inning: 235
  • 2nd inning: Didn't Bat

14TH Test Match (16/12/2016)

It was the last test in the series and India won the match and series by 4-0. Virat Kohli batted in the first innings ad scored 15 runs.
  • 1st inning: 15
  • 2nd inning: Didn't Bat

15TH Test Match (01/08/2018)

India went to England to play 5 test matches & this time Kohli had other plans. Because he had some had bad series in 2014. He scored 149 in the first innings and 51 in the second innings.
  • 1st inning: 149
  • 2nd inning: 51

16TH Test Match (10/08/2018)

England won that match comfortably at lords & they lead the series 2-0. Virat Kohli scored 40 runs in both innings.
  • 1st inning: 23
  • 2nd inning: 17

17TH Test Match (18/08/2018)

It was the 3rd match in the series & India must have to win it. Virat Kohli showed his quality with the bat again. He scored 97 & 103 in both of the innings. Then India won that match & got the victory by 203 runs.
  • 1st inning: 97
  • 2nd inning: 103

18TH Test Match (30/08/2018)

In the 4th test match, Virat scored 104 in both innings. But England won the match & sealed the series.
  • 1st inning: 46
  • 2nd inning: 58

19TH Test Match (07/09/2018)

Virat Kohli scored 49 & 0 in the last match against England. In the final test match at Oval, India lost by 118 runs and England won the test cricket series by 4-1.
  • 1st inning: 49
  • 2nd inning: 0

20TH Test Match (05/02/2021)

This year 2021 England came to India for 4 test matches & India won the series 3-1. In this first test, Kohli's score was 11in the 1st inning & 72 in the 2nd inning.
  • 1st inning: 11
  • 2nd inning: 72

21TH Test Match (13/02/2021)

Virat Kohli scored only a half-century in this test match and Moin Ali got Kohli out in both innings.
  • 1st inning: 0
  • 2nd inning: 62

22TH Test Match (24/02/2021)

In 3rd test match against England in 2021, Virat Kohli scored only 27 in the first inning.
  • 1st inning: 27
  • 2nd inning: Didn't Bat

23TH Test Match (04/03/2021)

Virat scored 0 runs in the last test & didn't bat in the second inning. Because India already won that match with an innings & 25 runs.
  • 1st inning: 0
  • 2nd inning: Didn't Bat


As soon as Virat Kohli played any test match against England I will keep updating this post with more details. Here you read all the test matches played by Virat Kohli against England in his whole carrier.

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