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U-19 Cricket World Cup Centuries by Indian Player

Only 12 Indian players scored U-19 world cup centuries. Where star player Shikar Dhawan scored 3 centuries in the 2004 U-19 world cup edition.

1. Reetinder Sodhi (1998 U-19 World Cup)

Indian cricket Reetinder Sodhi scored the first-ever U-19 world cup century in the 1998 world cup, South Africa.

Reetinder Sodhi scored 126 runs in 150 balls & he hit 8 fours and 5 sixes. His century was against Kenya. On that wold cup, he played 6 innings where he scored 188 runs.

2. Ravneet Ricky (2000 U-19 World Cup)

In the year 2000 Ravneet Ricky scored his first U-19 world cup century. His innings were completed with 108 runs in 148 balls.

Ravneet was also the second-highest run-scorer after South African legend Graeme Smith in the 2000 U-19 world cup. Ravneet scored 340 runs in 8 innings.

3. Manvinder Bisla (2002 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Manvinder Bisla scored 128 of 132 balls in the 2002 world cup against Canada. Also, he scored the most runs as an Indian in the 2002 U-19 cricket world cup.

Bisla scored a total of 284 runs in his 7 innings with an average of 47.33. 

4. Chandan Madan (2002 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Chandan Madan was the second batsman to score a century in the 2002 U-19 world cup as an Indian. He scored 105 not out in 109 balls against South Africa. With an average of 49.00, he scored a total of 196 in that tournament.

5. Shikhar Dhawan (2004 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Shikhar Dhawan played in the 2004 U-19 world cup and he was the most runs scorer in that tournament. He smashed 3 centuries in a single edition of the U-19 world cup. 

Shikhar's first century was against Scotland 155* in 138 balls, the Second ton made against 120 runs in 148 balls against Bangladesh & the third one was against Sri Lanka 146 in 136 balls.

6. Cheteshwar Pujara (2006 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

India's senior test cricket player Cheteshwar Pujara made a century in the 2006 U-19 world cup. He made 129 not out in 146 balls against England.

7. Virat Kohli (2008 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli also made a century in the 2008 U-19 world cup. He scored the ton against West Indies. Virat made 100 in 74 balls.

8. Unmukt Chand (2012 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

India's U-19 world cup-winning captain Unmukt Chand made his century in the final against Australia. His inning of 111* of 130 balls was too much crucial for India.

9. Rishab Pant (2016 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

India's most young wicket-keeper, Rishab Pant, made his fist U-19 century in 2016 against Namibia. He scored 111 of 96 deliveries, with 14 fours & 2 sixes.

10. Shubman Gill (2018 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Shubman Gill was the second-highest run-scorer in the 2018 U-19 cricket world cup. He scored only one century against Pakistan. He scored 102* not out in 94 deliveries.

Gill's total run was 372 in 5 innings. Where he hit 40 fours 2 sixes.

11. Manjot Kalra (2018 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

After Subhuman Gill, Manjot Kalra scored 101 not out of 102 balls. He played the innings in the final of the 2018 under-19 world cup. That was truly a match-winning inning from Manjot Kalra.

12. Yashasvi Jaiswal (2020 U-19 Cricket World Cup)

Yashvi Jaiswal played his match-winning century in the semi-final against Pakistan. He played the knock of 105 not out in 113 balls. Also, he was the highest run-scorer with (400 runs in 6 innings) in the U-19 world cup 2020.


This article was highlighted India's U-19 world cup players who made the century. As soon as any Indian player scored a century in the U-19 world cup, I will update this post immediately

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