This article will give you detailed statistics of Indian cricketer Cheteswar Pujara's record against England in Test cricket.

Pujara stated stepped into international cricket in 2010 against Australia. He played a total of 22 test matches against England. Pujara's average against England is 33.36.

Cheteshwar Pujara vs England in Tests

  • Matches: 22
  • Innings: 41
  • Runs: 1368
  • Average: 33.36
  • Centuries: 5
  • Half Centuries: 4
  • Fours: 181
  • Sixes: 2

Test Match No.1 (15/11/2012)

Pujara played his first test match against England on 15th November 2012. And what a start for Pujara there at Narendra Modi Stadium. He smashed 206 not out in the first innings and 41* runs in the second innings. India won the match comfortably & Pujara was awarded man of the match.
1st Innings: 206*
2nd Innings: 14*

Test Match No.2 (23/11/2012)

So, Pujara was on the go at that moment & it was in the second test match between England and India. Pujara scored a fabulous hundred (135) runs in the first innings. India lost that match to England in Mumbai.

1st Innings: 135
2nd Innings: 6

Test Match No.3 (05/12/2012)

Cheteswar Pujara wasn't scored many runs in the 3rd test match of the series. Actually, all the batsmen of India weren't played well in that match. As a result, India lost that match to England.
1st Innings: 16
2nd Innings: 8

Test Match No.4 (13/12/2012)

In the first innings, Pujara scored 26 runs & India couldn't bat in the second innings. The test match was drawn.
1st Innings: 26
2nd Innings: Didn't Bat

Test Match No.5 (09/07/2014)    

So, it was Pujara's first away match in England. He played some good cricket in that match, scored 38 & 55 in both of the innings. 
1st Innings: 38
2nd Innings: 55

Test Match No.6 (17/07/2014)

Pujara's contribution in the 2nd test was pretty good. He scored 28 off 117 balls 43 off 83 balls in the second innings. He played a perfect test match innings. India won that match at lords.

1st Innings: 28
2nd Innings: 43

Test Match No.7 (27/07/2014)

England came back with a massive victory in this test match & Pujara failed to score big runs. He scored only 26 in both innings.

1st Innings: 24
2nd Innings: 2

Test Match No.8 (7/08/2014)

Cheteswar Pujara only scored 0 & 17 in this test match. India's top order was totally broke down. As a result, England got victory over India by 54 runs & an innings.
1st Innings: 0
2nd Innings: 17

Test Match No.9 (15/08/2014)

It was the last test match of the series & India need to win the match to draw the series. But lost by 244 runs with an inning.
1st Innings: 4
2nd Innings: 11

Test Match No.10 (09/11/2016)          

This time England came to India for 5 match series. The first test match was drawn and Cheteswar Pujara scored 124 in the first innings.
1st Innings: 124
2nd Innings: 18

Test Match No.11 (16/11/2016)

Once against Pujara got a century in the second test match's first innings. He scored a brilliant 119 off 204 balls.
1st Innings: 119
2nd Innings: 1

Test Match No.12 (26/11/2016)

This time Pujara scored 51 off 204 balls & 25 off 50 balls. India won that match with 8 wickets in hand.
1st Innings: 51
2nd Innings: 25

Test Match No.13 (08/12/2016)

In the 4th test match of the series, India batted only one inning & Pujara scored 47 runs.
1st Innings: 47
2nd Innings: 25

Test Match No.14 (16/12/2016)

Once against India won with an innings & 75 runs in the last test match. Pujara scored only 16 runs in 29 balls.
1st Innings: 16
2nd Innings: Didn't Bat

Test Match No.15 (10/08/2018)          

India tour of England in 2018 & Pujara started struggling again. Scored only 18 runs on that whole test match.
1st Innings: 1
2nd Innings: 17

Test Match No.16 (18/08/2018)

In the 2nd test match, Pujara tried to show his real test cricket playing quality. He scored 72 runs off 208 balls in the second innings.
1st Innings: 14
2nd Innings: 72

Test Match No.17 (30/08/2018)

3rd test match of the series & Pujara came back with his brilliant knock of 132 runs. England won that match but Pujara scored played his century knock.
1st Innings: 132*
2nd Innings: 5

Test Match No.18 (07/09/2018)

Pujara played his last innings in England at Kennington Oval. He scored 37 & 0 in both of the innings.
1st Innings: 37
2nd Innings: 0

Test Match No.19 (05/02/2021)    

After a long break from cricket England came to India for 4 match series. Pujara scored 73 in his first test's first innings. India lost the first match of the series by 227 runs.
1st Innings: 73
2nd Innings: 15

Test Match No.20 (13/02/2021)         

India came back with a fine win over England. But Cheteswar Pujara scored only 21 & 7.
1st Innings: 21
2nd Innings: 7

Test Match No.21 (24/02/2021)         

Another easy win for India by 10 wickets but Pujara couldn't register a single run.
1st Innings: 0
2nd Innings: Didn't Bat

Test Match No.22 (24/02/2021)         

1st Innings: 17
2nd Innings: Didn't Bat


It was the article about C Pujara's record against England in test cricket. This article will be updated if Chetewswar Pujara faces England in the future.

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