Indian Cricketers Who Hit Most Sixes in International Cricket

In this T20 cricket era, there is always a competition in hitting sixes and boundaries accordingly. Young Rishab Pant once said that his target was to hit 50 sixes in a Ranji Trophy.

Actually, the game mindset changes too much. This article will know about Indian cricket heroes who hit the most sixes in their international carrier(Test & One Day & T20).

Indian Cricketers Most Sixes

Indian Cricketers Most Sixes

Most International Sixes in All Threets Formats by Indian

Rohit Sharma 

Mumbai Indians skipper hit most international sixes as a Hindustan batsman. He is such a true hitter of the ball.

He is playing cricket for 14 years and & smashed 436 sixes in all three formats. Rohit's highest ODI score was 264 and he smashed 33 boundaries on that inning.

Rohit Sharma hit a maximum of 7 sixes in an innings in a Test match & 10 sixes in a T20I match. 

  • Test Sixes: 59
  • ODI Sixes: 244
  • T20I Sixes: 133

MS Dhoni

In the 2nd position, we got Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He hit the 359 sixes in his entire 15 years international carrier.

He hit a maximum of 10 sixes in an ODI inning against Sri Lanka many years ago. Dhoni had a strong wrist and he knew how to apply it like a helicopter.

  • Test Sixes: 78
  • ODI Sixes: 229
  • T20I Sixes: 52

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin's 24 years of a cricket carrier were so inspiring and learning. He hit more than 4000+ boundaries in his carrier. As per Wikipedia, he smashed 264 international sixes for India.

He was not hit so many sixes in a single innings but he is still in the 3rd position because he played so many matches for India.

  • Test Sixes: 69
  • ODI Sixes: 195
  • T20I Sixes: -

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj's 17 years of international cricket were so dramatic and lots of struggle. No matter what he always served his duty for India every time. 

Talk about his sixes, honestly, he was the king of sixes. He hit 251 sixes & 1200+ boundaries in his carrier.

Yuvraj hit a maximum of 7 sixes in an ODI & T20I innings. Although he was a record holder of six sixes in an over.

  • Test Sixes: 22
  • ODI Sixes: 155
  • T20I Sixes: 74

Sourav Ganguly

Bengal's pride Sourav Ganguly was the most successful skipper of Men In Blue. Ganguly's thought process was always to win every match.

He scored more than 18000+ runs and hit 247 sixes in his carrier. Sourav Ganguly hit a maximum of 7 sixes in an ODI match against Srilanka & Bangladesh.

  • Test Sixes: 57
  • ODI Sixes: 190
  • T20I Sixes: -

Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag was the most dominating batsman for India. He was the first batsman who showed how to hit the ball freely. No matter the ball was new or old.

He has 243 sixes & 2408 boundaries in his record book. He hit the highest 7 sixes in a single inning against West Indies(ODI) & Srilanka(Test).

  • Test Sixes: 91
  • ODI Sixes: 136
  • T20I Sixes: 16

Virat Kohli

Current Indian leader in all formats Kohli smashed 237 over boundaries. He is a successful batsman of India and still serving his duty for Hindustan.

Virat also hit a maximum of 7 sixes in an inning. He is now all set to play in the WTC final in England. Let's see if he can hit more sixes in the future.

  • Test Sixes: 22
  • ODI Sixes: 125
  • T20I Sixes: 90

Suresh Raina

He is another good 20-20 player that India produced. The left-hand batsman & right arm off-spinner bowler hit 182 beautiful sixes out of the ground.

He was retired after Dhoni announced his retirement on 15th August 2020.

  • Test Sixes: 4
  • ODI Sixes: 120
  • T20I Sixes: 58

Sikhar Dhawan

Gabbar of Indian cricket hit 132 sixes in ODI, Test & T20I. He was the most run-scorer in Champions Trophy 2013.

  • Test Sixes: 12
  • ODI Sixes: 71
  • T20I Sixes: 49

Kapil Dev

India's legend skipper Kapil Dev is the only player in this list who played for India before 2000. He hit 130 sixes in ODI & Test cricket.

  • Test Sixes: 61
  • ODI Sixes: 69

KL Rahul

KL Rahul was the only Indian 20-20 player who scored T-20 century in the United States of America. Rahul smashed 113 sixes &  489 4s in his carrier.

  • Test Sixes: 14
  • ODI Sixes: 36
  • T20I Sixes: 63

Ravindra Jadeja

India's one of the quickest and flexible fielders Ravindra Jadeja hit 105 sixes.

He is the all-rounder in each and every format of cricket. This cricketer can finish any match by hitting sixes, taking wickets & tough catches.

  • Test Sixes: 50
  • ODI Sixes: 49
  • T20I Sixes: 6


Here I mentioned 12 Indian cricketers who smashed the most number of over boundaries in their entire international carrier.

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