10 Most Winning Countries in One Day International Cricket

Hello everyone, this article is about the top 10 most winning countries in One Day International cricket. So as of May 2021 here is the list of the top 10 countries to get the most victories in ODI cricket.

I will keep updating this article as per all the ICC ODI matches.

List of Top 10 Most Winning Countries     

  1. Australia - 579 Wins
  2. India - 516 Wins
  3. Pakistan - 414 Wins
  4. West Indies - 404 Wins
  5. Srilanka - 389 Wins
  6. South Africa - 386 Wins
  7. England - 379 Wins
  8. New Zealand - 354 Wins
  9. Zimbabwe - 138 Wins
  10. Bangladesh - 131 Wins

1. Australia         

Australia has the highest victory in one-day international cricket. Australia played their first-ever ODI match way back in 1971. They played 955 matches and won 579 matches. 

Australia's highest margin victory was against Afganistan. They defete afganistan by 275 runs in ICC world cup. Australia is the only team to won back to back three world cup titles. 

They have 5 ICC world cup 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 & 2015. Australia is the only team to won 21 back-to-back matches.

2. India       

India team played the most number of ODI matches. They played 993 One Day matches where they won 516 matches.

India scored the highest run of 418/5 in the 2011 ODI series.

3. Pakistan

Pakistan has won 490 matches out of 933 matches. Where 9 matches were tied and 20 no result. Pakistan is the second team after Australia to win 12 consecutive matches. 

Pakistan has a winning percentage of 54.16. Pakistan's highest score was 399/1 against Zimbabwe.

4. West Indies

It is a team that won the world cup two times in a row in 1975 & 1979. West Indies won 404 matches out of 828 matches.

West Indies scored their highest run 389 against England but they lost that match.

5. Srilanka

Srilanka started their One Day International Journey in 1975. From then till now they won 389 international matches.

Srilanka secured only one world cup title that was in 1996. 443/9 was the highest score in Srilanka cricket history.

6. South Africa

South Africa played 628 matches from 1991 to date and they get 386 successful victories. With 63% winning, they are in the 6th position.

439/2 was the highest ever ODI score in South African cricket history. Where De Villiers scored the quickest ever 100 against the West Indies.

7. England

379 wins out of 775 games England on the seventh position in the world for the most winning countries.

481/6 against Australia was the top score by England in a one-day cricket format. England had only won one world cup in 2019.

8. New Zealand

This team won the Spirit of cricket 2019 award. They won 354 matches out of 775 games. The highest team total was 402 against Ireland in a single ODI match.

Newzealand played two world cup finals but unfortunately, they didn't win any title.

9. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe started its one-day cricket journey in the 1983 world cup. They won only 138 matches and lost out of 532 matches.

They scored their highest runs in 1992 against Srilanka 322/4.

10. Bangladesh

Bangladesh won only 131 matches in its history. Bangladesh always played like they never giving up especially against the biggest opponents.

They scored their highest ODI score against Australia in the 2019 world cup 333/8.


So, my friend this article I told you about the Top 10 most winning countries in One Day International cricket.

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