Top 10 Longest Boundary Cricket Ground in The World

Hello everyone I'm Dipanjan Pradhan & in this article, I am going to tell you guys about the top 10 longest cricket boundaries in the whole world. 

Also in this post, you can read the boundary size of every stadium and some of the incredible records in cricket history created on these grounds.

List of Top 10 Longest Cricket Ground in The World - According to Boundary Size

  1. Sydney Cricket Ground (Australia) - 93.72Mtr.                         
  2. Lords (England) - 88.87Mtr.                             
  3. The Wanderers (South Africa) -  88.76Mtr.                           
  4. Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia) - 86.24Mtr.                             
  5. Singhalese Sports Club (Srilanka) - 86.09Mtr.                        
  6. Hagley Oval (New Zealand) - 83.57Mtr.                              
  7. Basin Reserve (New Zealand) - 81.70Mtr.                      
  8. Kensington Oval (West Indies) - 76.64Mtr.                       
  9. Eden Gardens (India) - 76.23Mtr.                           
  10. Eden Park (New Zealand) - 64.69Mtr.                      

1. Sydney Cricket Ground(Australia)

Sydney is the longest ever cricket ground in the world. In 1848 this ground was established. The ground is very popular all around the world.

The highest test match runs on this ground is 707 by team India in 2004. Michel Clarke has the most individual test run in this ground is 329 not out.

Coming to the One Day International on this ground South Africa has the highest total against West Indies 408 in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Where Steve Smith has the highest individual runs 164 against New Zealand.

2. Lords(England)

Lords is the historical ground in world cricket. Lords established in 1814 in England. The ground founded by Thomas Lord who was an England cricketer.

The highest test match runs in this ground was 729/6d by Australia in 1930. Where Gooch is the highest run-scorer in lords. He smashed 333 runs in 1990.

In ODI's England has the highest run of 334 against India in 1975. Where Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards scored the highest runs 138 not out against England.

3. The Wanderers Stadium(South Africa)

The Wanderers Stadium is the 3rd longest cricket ground in the world. It was established in 1956 in South Africa.

Australia scored the highest test match runs 652/7 in a single inning. Where GS Blewett scored the highest individual runs on 214 in 1997.

In One Day International, The Wanderers Stadium has some special moments. AB Devilliers scored the fastest ever ODI century on this ground in just 31 balls against West Indies. In this match, South Africa also scored the highest team total on 439/2.

Fakhar Zaman scored the highest runs 193 against South Africa in 2021. 

4. Melbourne Cricket Ground(Australia)

Melbourne cricket ground is 172.9Mtr long and 147.8Mtr. wide. The ground was established in 1854.
It is the second-largest cricket boundary in Australia.

The highest test match score was made by Australia against Pakistan was 624/8d. Where RM Cowper scored the highest run 307 in 1966.

The highest One Day International total was 344 by ICC World XI vs Asia XI. Also, Jason Roy scored the highest 180 runs on this ground.

5. Singhalese Sports Club Cricket(Srilanka)

The Singhalese cricket ground is in Colombo, Srilanka. This is the largest cricket ground in Srilanka. In 1899 this ground was established.

Srilanka has the highest test score in this ground 745/5d against South Africa in a single inning. In this match, Jayawardene scored the highest test runs on this ground.

Pakistan scored the highest ODI run against Hong Kong on this ground. Where Younis Khan scored 144 runs & it was the highest ODI runs on this ground.

6. Hagley Oval (New Zealand)

Hagley Oval is the 6th longest boundary in the world and 1st in New Zealand. Which established in 1851. 

In the last series where Pakistan tour of New Zealand 659/6d was the highest run scored by any team in an inning in this ground. Also, Kane Williamson was the highest run-scorer in this match and the highest by anyone on this ground.

In One Day International Scotland scored the highest run 341 vs Canada in 2014. Calum MacLeod was the highest ODI run-scorer in this match and in Hagley Oval.

7. Basin Reserve (New Zealand)

The second-largest cricket ground in New Zealand. The ground founded in 1868. It is one of the most beautiful grounds in New Zealand.

New Zealand scored the highest test runs on this ground. And Brendon McCullum scored 302 runs which is the highest on this ground till now.

318/6 was the highest One Day runs on this ground and Shoaib Mohammad's 126 not out is the highest individual runs on this ground.

8. Kensington Oval (West Indies)

Longest cricket stadium in the West Indies & the 8th longest in the world. In 1871 the Kensington was established.

In 2009 West Indies Scored 749/9d against England that was the highest ever test match score on this ground.

Hanif Mohammad scored the highest individual test match runs on this ground. 

9. Eden Gardens (India)

In 1864 in Kolkata, the beautiful ground Eden Gardens was found. Eden Gardens is one of the memorable grounds for international cricket.

VVS Laxman has the highest individual test match score of 281 on this ground. The highest team total is 657/7d by India in 2001.

If you know the history of ODI's in Eden Garden there is a golden memory for Indian cricket. Rohit Sharma had the highest score of 264 runs on this ground. Which is the highest by anyone in the history of One Day cricket.

Also, the highest total made by India on that match 404/5.

10. Eden Park (New Zealand)

Eden Park established in 1987 in New Zealand. It is the biggest stadium in New Zealand as per capacity. 

South Africa's 621/5d was the highest test score in an inning on this ground. WR Hammond's 336 runs were the highest individual test score in Eden Park.

Stoinis's 146 not out against New Zealand in 2017 was the highest ODI runs on this ground. Also, 340 runs by New Zealand was the highest ODI total in this ground.


In this post, you know about the Top 10 Longest Boundary Cricket Ground in The World. Also, what were the past records of every ground in cricket history?

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