15 Cricketers Who Hit Most Sixes in IPL History 2008 to 2021

If you are finding the batsman who hit the most number sixes in Indian Premiere Ligue history?

Then in this content, I will discuss all the top 15 players who smashed most over-boundaries from 2008 to 2021.

Cricketers With Most Number of Sixes in IPL       

1. C Henry Gayle

This man hits 357 sixes in the IPL history. He played a total of 140 matches where he also hit 400 boundaries.

Gayle's best-ever IPL score was 175 & on that inning, he smashed 17 over boundaries. It was the most sixes hit by Gayle in an IPL inning.

He played for many teams in IPL and he was such a giant hitter of the ball. In 2011 he hit 44 sixes that were most on that IPL season.

After that in 2012(59 sixes), 2013(51 sixes) & in 2015 he smashed 38 sixes. In all these seasons he was the most six-hitter.

2. AB De Villiers

The proteas Ex Skipper De Villiers was in the 2nd position. He smashed 245 IPL sixes till now. No doubt that he was the greatest six-hitter. 

If you want to know that how many sixes De Villiers hit in an IPL inning? It was done by him in 2016 when he scored 129 runs against Gujrat Lions. In that innings, he smashed 12 sixes.

3. Rohit Sharma

Rohit is obviously a sensational batsman from India and the most successful skipper in T20 cricket. He hit
224 sixes in his entire IPL 20-20 carrier.

As you all guys know that he was the most IPL title-winning captain and he held 1 century. In that match, he hit 5 sixes.

4. M Singh Dhoni

The helicopter shot master MS Dhoni scored 217 sixes from 2008 to 2021 IPL. His best batting score was 84 not out against RCB in 2019. Where he smashed 7 sixes & 4 boundaries.

If your question is who played the most IPL matches? As of 2021, Dhoni played the most number of IPL matches.

5. K Pollard

Second West Indian after Gayle who hit more sixes than Virat Kohli. Pollard hit 211 sixes. Pollard scored 87 runs in 34 deliveries in the 2021 IPL season. 

In that match, he hit 6 fours and 8 sixes and successfully beat Chennai Super Kings. He played 171 matches in IPL.

6. Virat Kohli

Bengaluru's skipper Kohli was the second most Centurian batsman in IPL. He hit 205 sixes and 524 4s in Indian Premeure League(IPL).

He scored 113 runs against Punjab which was the highest score. In that match, he smashed 8 over boundaries.

7. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is one of the best all-rounders of CSK. He always tried to give his bests for the team and that's why he hit more than 200 sixes in IPL.

Suresh Raina hit 202 over boundaries in the IPL history. He has only one century(100*) & hit 6 sixes. Also, Raina hit more than 500+ boundaries.

8. David Warner

Just after Suresh, Warner is on the number 8. David Warner hit 201 sixes in his IPL carrier. In 2021 he was quite out of form but he scored 4 centuries in IPL. 

Warner's most sixes in an innings was 8 sixes. In that match, he scored 126 runs against KKR. Warner was the 3rd highest six-hitter in 2016 and 2nd highest in the year 2017.

9. Shane Watson

Shane Watson played 145 IPL matches and he hit 190 sixes in the IPL since 2008. He showed his all-around performance in Chennai and Australia. 

With 4 centuries he scored 3874 runs and he hit 7 sixes in an inning that was his most sixes in a match. 

No matter what the situation he always stood for his team. He also hit  250+ boundaries and his highest score was 117 not out.

10. Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa was the pat of the 2007 20-20 world cup's historic win. He hit 163 sixes in his hole IPL carrier. 

Robin hits 27 sixes in the 2010 IPL season. He was the orange cap holder in IPL 2014. In that season he scored 660 runs.

11. Yusuf Pathan

Yusuf Pathan was the best all-rounder for India. He hit 158 over boundaries in IPL cricket history. He scored only one century in this format.

Most sixes hit by Yusuf Pathan in an IPL inning was 8 against Mumbai Indians in 2010. He had the 2nd fastest IPL century.

12. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh the king of t20 and sixes. He fought with his health and came back again with good performance. He was such a true fighter for India in cricket.

If you look at his IPL records he smashed 149 sixes and took 36 wickets. He also scores more that 2000 runs.

13. Ambati Rayudu

Ambati who played for CSK and his batting is absolutely brilliant. He hit 145 sixes. He played more than 150 matches where he scored a century in the 2018 IPL edition.

If you want to know that how many sixes Rayudu hit in an IPL inning? The answer is 8 sixes. He did this in 2018 against the RCB team.

14. Andre Russell

In this 15 players list, Andre Russell is the only player who played fewer matches. H played only 81 matches and hit 142 sixes. Is not it unbelievable?

Russell scored 88 runs in a match and he hit 11 sixes which was the highest by him in an inning. Andre was always a big hitter for all the time.

15. Brendon McCullum

McCullum was the only New Zealander cricketer on this list. Brendon scored 2 centuries along with 130 sixes.

In 2008 he scored 158 runs against Bangaluru and he hit 13 sixes in that match. It was his highest over boundaries in an innings.


This article was all about the Top 15 Cricketer who Hit Most Sixes in IPL. I hope all of my friends enjoyed this post. 

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